Foxes Run
Opened in 1998 this is the youngest loop at Cleobury Mortimer Golf Club, however to many it is also the trickiest. Consisting of three par 3’s, one par 5 and five par 4’s amounting to 2980 yards off the back tees this loop will test your course management skills. Sometimes it is more rewarding keeping the driver in the bag and laying up to secure that Nett Birdie.


[wptab name=’1′]Foxes Run – Hole 1

White- 418 Yards     Yellow- 390 Yards     Red- 378 Yards

A long Par 4 awaits at the start of Foxes Run, keep the drive up the left hand side of the fairway to open up the green. A generous fairway but anything too wayward can end up in some maturing trees. A mid to long iron second shot over a ditch 30 yards short of the green should see you off to a good par


[/wptab][wptab name=’2′]Foxes Run – Hole 2

White- 190 Yards     Yellow- 180 Yards     Red- 160 Yards

A mid to long iron to this green should see you get the correct distance. However with two oak trees 30 yards short of the green on either side anything catching these can see you playing your second shot from a long way back. A bunker to the right hand side also give you something to consider. Keep it straight and a Par 3 will go down on the card.


[/wptab][wptab name=’3′]Foxes Run – Hole 3

White- 400 Yards     Yellow- 380 Yards     Red- 363 Yards

A tough Par 4 compiling of out of bounds down the right teamed with trees and bunkers lining the left. Bigger hitters should aim over the left hand bunkers but the safe option is to try and position your ball on the left to right sloped fairway. An uphill second shot to a three-tiered green makes club selection both difficult and vital on this hole. Aim to thread the ball through the two greenside bunkers and you’ll be all set for a two-putt par.


[/wptab][wptab name=’4′]Foxes Run – Hole 4

White- 396 Yards     Yellow- 382 Yards     Red- 369 Yards

A fairly short Par 4 with two fairway bunkers on the right hand side to catch any slightly wayward drives, avoid the sand and you’ll have a short shot left to a sunken green. A good chance for a birdie but Par is still a good score here


[/wptab][wptab name=’5′]Foxes Run – Hole 5

White- 165 Yards     Yellow- 148 Yards     Red- 138 Yards

Stroke index 9 makes this one of the simpler holes on the Foxes Run loop. Just 165 yards off the white tees to a two-tiered green which is guarded by large bunkers on the left and right hand side. Put your tee shot on the correct tier as the pin and face a good birdie putt on a green with some very subtle breaks.


[/wptab][wptab name=’6′]Foxes Run – Hole 6

White- 399 Yards     Yellow- 380 Yards     Red- 370 Yards

Most people regard this as the toughest hole at Cleobury Mortimer Golf Club, with out of bounds along the right from start to finish and trees aligning the left side it makes the tee shot one of the most difficult to execute. Placing your tee shot onto the left side of the fairway will open up the green which otherwise may be obscured by the large oak tree which is positioned on the corner of the slight dogleg right. A deep greenside bunker will catch anything short and right.


[/wptab][wptab name=’7′]Foxes Run – Hole 7

White- 527 Yards     Yellow- 510 Yards     Red- 498 Yards

This par 5 is a good birdie opportunity, avoiding the out of bounds down the right hand side and finding the fairway will ensure a straightforward second shot across the dogleg to leave you a short third shot into a large two tiered green. Find the correct tier with your third shot and sink the putt for a birdie.


[/wptab][wptab name=’8′]Foxes Run – Hole 8

White- 135 Yards     Yellow- 125 Yards     Red- 125 Yards

A short par 3 where club selection is absolutely vital, playing to a green with a severe back to front slope striking your ball below the hole is a must to score. Bunkers surrounding the front and left hand side of this green also need to be taken into careful consideration.


[/wptab][wptab name=’9′]Foxes Run – Hole 9

White- 350 Yards     Yellow- 340 Yards     Red- 332 Yards

The two lakes either side of the fairway make this one of our most attractive holes on the course an accurate drive down the left half of the fairway will open up the green, remember a slightly pulled or pushed shot will result in a watery grave. A short iron second shot to a large, friendly green will set you up nicely for a good score.