Deer Park

Where it all began, Deer Park was the first loop to open way back in 1993, set on the back of the Wyre Forest this loop offers everything any golfer could want. From a long par 3 to a short par 4 guarded by bunkers this loop offers a new challenge every time it is played. Measuring in at 3167 yards off the back tees, Par 35 this loop offers a variety of approach shots that is a test to any golfer. 

[wptab name=’1′]Deer Park – Hole 1

White- 398 Yards     Yellow- 389 Yards     Red- 370 Yards

A good opening Par 4 with the fairway sloping from left to right, a tee shot down the left hand side will leave you a mid iron over a ditch to a green protected by bunkers either side. With the green sloping from back to front anything past the pin will result in a tricky putt. Par here will likely see you pick up shots on the rest of the field.


[/wptab][wptab name=’2′]Deer Park – Hole 2

White- 407 Yards     Yellow- 402 Yards     Red- 390 Yards

Stroke index 1 on the Deer Park loop, this is a cleverly designed Par 4, where a solid drive needs to be positioned right of the large oak tree which sits in the middle of the fairway. After a well executed tee shot a mid to low iron second shot should leave you putting for birdie. Beware of a bunker 25 yards short of the green and anything long will result in a watery grave.


[/wptab][wptab name=’3′]

Badger’s Sett – Hole 3

White- 367 Yards     Yellow- 328 Yards     Red- 310 Yards

After a tricky start a relatively short Par 4 gives a good chance of a birdie. A well-struck tee shot is needed to pass the oak trees which otherwise may block your shot to the green. A short iron to a green protected with a bunker round the left hand side leads to a good birdie chance. In the summer months the longer hitters can drive this green for a nice two-putt birdie.


[/wptab][wptab name=’4′]


Deer Park – Hole 4

White- 504 Yards     Yellow- 494 Yards     Red- 454 Yards

The only Par 5 on Deer Park opens with a generous fairway but a pond awaits a slightly pushed drive for the longer hitters. Keep your second shot straight and leave yourself anything from 100- 150 yards for your third shot. If you choose to go for the green in two, take into consideration the three bunkers around the green. There are no prizes for going long, a steep bank awaits and you will struggle to get the ball up and down.


[/wptab][wptab name=’5′]Deer Park – Hole 5

White- 155 Yards     Yellow- 151 Yards     Red- 148 Yards

A relatively short Par 3 makes this hole one of the easier holes on the Deer Park loop, however a sliced tee shot will be punished by water. Hit the green below the hole and face a good opportunity to make a birdie.


[/wptab][wptab name=’6′]Deer Park – Hole 6

White- 395 Yards     Yellow- 375 Yards     Red- 370 Yards

This Par 4 hosts a generous fairway sloping from right to left. Club selection is very important for your second shot as it is downhill to the green, over hit shots will be severely punished by the steep drop behind the green making the up and down one of the toughest on the course. Bunkers either side of the green will also catch any wayward second shots.


[/wptab][wptab name=’7′]Deer Park – Hole 7

White- 349 Yards     Yellow- 345 Yards     Red- 335 Yards

An uphill Par 4 with fairway bunkers positioned on the right to catch any mistimed tee shots, keep it straight and leave yourself 150 yards to the green. Take an extra one or two clubs for your second shot to a generous green. Although a relatively short yardage, the difficult uphill second shot makes Par a good score here.


[/wptab][wptab name=’8′]Deer Park – Hole 8

White- 232 Yards     Yellow- 220 Yards     Red- 170 Yards

This long, tricky Par 3 demands a good tee shot with a carry of 170 yards over water. A pot bunker situated on the left of the fairway has to be missed if the ball is to run onto the green off the left to right slope. Any pushed tee shots will result in a difficult up and down.


[/wptab][wptab name=’9′]Deer Park – Hole 9

White- 360 Yards     Yellow- 352 Yards     Red- 342 Yards

A Par 4 to finish off Deer Park boasts four fairway bunkers awaiting a pushed or pulled tee shot, find the fairway and then a mid to long iron second shot will take you to a green surrounded by bunkers. Before hitting your second shot note where the pin position is as this green is near 30 yards in length. Long Hitters can drive it close to this green in the summer, leaving a great chance to finish off with a birdie.